About Us

A story of purity

T. T. Devassy Jewellery was founded on a promise. A promise of purity. It's a story that began way back in 1941, when T. T. Devassy opened a jewellery store at Chavakkad in Thrissur district of Kerala. The store went on to build a reputation for purity, driven by the founder's commitment to provide customers with the best quality of gold, pure by all standards. The religious adherence to purity and business integrity laid a strong foundation of trust, and has over the years, won the organisation the loyalty of a growing customer base from all over Kerala and abroad.

T. T. Devassy Jewellery is today led by the second generation, with T. D. Jose as chairman, ably assisted by his sons Sunil, Anil and Sibil. The legacy of T. T. Devassy Jewellery is now glowing brighter than ever, with the addition of new showrooms and ambitious plans for expansion.Even as it reaches out to new customers in new locations, the jewellery enjoys the patronage of its long-standing clientele, who continue to be loyal customers over many generations.