Creating kids' jewellery is a craft that demands artistry as well as great mastery. Orlina from T. T. Devassy Jewellery is a delightful range of kids' jewellery meant to capture the imagination of our cute little customers. The jewellery is designed taking special care to avoid rough edges that might harm the wearer. The designs draw inspiration from themes that appeal to kids - from attractive floral patterns to their favourite cartoon characters.

The Tiara collection features an exquisite array of diamond jewellery - passionately designed and skillfully crafted - ranging from casual daily wear to those meant for life's most special occasions. The collection captures the mystique and allure of diamonds, with designs that spell class, quality and exclusivity. The exquisite jewellery range encompasses studs, bangles, rings, pendants and necklaces. And rank high on the 4 Cs that define the value of a diamond - colour, cut, clarity and caratage.