An investment that outshines all else

Gold is not just a precious adornment, but a prudent investment too. Investing in gold is important - whether it is to plan for a wedding in the family or for financial security in the future. MiGold from TT Devassy Jewellery is a scheme that helps you to prepare for the future by making safe and secure investments in gold.

Why invest in gold

Ever since its discovery many centuries ago, gold has fascinated humankind across history and civilisations. The ageless appeal of gold ensures that it remains a judicious investment with appreciating value. A good hedge against the declining value of currencies, the price of gold has been growing at a steady pace over the past few years.

Gold is a key to economic freedom as well. In the absence of the gold standard, the value of savings erodes as a result of inflation. Gold is also an effective way to protect the wealth created in the stock and financial markets. It's true that the price of gold can be volatile on a short-term basis. But, as a long-term investment, gold outperforms most of the other options in terms of value appreciation.

So, an investment in gold today would for sure reap only the best returns in the future. With the assurance of unmatched financial security in life.

Why invest in MiGold

MiGold monthly investment plan is the easiest way to secure your future with the power of gold. It offers you a host of advantages such as:

  • Enables you to buy gold in significant quantities with small amounts of money
  • An excellent investment option considering the steadily rising price of gold worldwide
  • Helps you plan for future requirements such as daughter’s marriage or gifting gold to the near and dear
  • Your investment in gold will be a hedge against exigencies that may arise in the future
  • As you get gold at rates applicable on the dates of your deposit, you can stay protected from rising gold prices in the future
  • No risk of keeping gold at your home; as during the scheme period your gold will be in our safe custody
  • You stand to gain attractive incentives/bonuses on completion of the term period Period Bonus 18 months 1 month’s installment 24 months 2 months’ installment 36 months 3 months’ installment

In other words, in the 18 months’ plan, you need to pay only 17 installments; in the 24 months’ plan, 22 installments and in the 36 months’ plan, 33 installents.

How to invest in MiGold

Investing in MiGold is as easy as walking into any of the showrooms of T. T. Devassy Jewellery. You can join the scheme by filling in the membership form and choosing the amount you are prepared to deposit every month. You can pay monthly installments for a period of time as chosen by you. Gold will be credited to your account as per the prevailing rate on the day of deposit. At the end of the chosen period, you’ll get gold jewellery worth the total amount you’ve deposited, in addition to incentives. Duration: 18 / 24 / 36 months
Installment amount: Rs. 500 or more every month

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